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Integrated Report

The Company has issued this integrated report to deepen our stakeholders' understanding of our group's efforts to sustainably enhance our corporate value since last year. In this integrated report, we focus on conveying the overall picture of our group by integrating financial and non-financial information and organizing medium- to long-term visions, strategies, initiatives, etc. into a coherent story.

 In the current fiscal year, the following improvements and additions to the previous year's Integrated Report were made to enhance information disclosure.

  • ① Clarify the relationship between materiality and management strategies to realize sustainable management. Clarify how specific initiatives will lead to medium- and long-term improvements in corporate value.
  • ② Expansion of non-financial information (especially indicators related to human capital) and enhancement of target setting
  • ③ Quantitative assessment of financial impact on climate change issues based on TCFD recommendations and disclosure of Scope 3 emissions and target setting for the Group (consolidated)
  • ④ Dialogue between institutional investor and outside director (Enhancement of governance information)
  • ⑤ In-house dialogue between Executive Vice President & COO and Senior Executive Director (Enhancement of manufacturing capital information)

We will continue to strive to further enhance its corporate value by promoting and strengthening dialogue with stakeholders through enhanced information disclosure, including the publication of this report.

Asahi Intecc Group Integrated Report2023 (Publication date: December 25, 2023)

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