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Founding DNA Remains Unchanged

Ultra-fine stainless steel wire rope manufacturing technology continues to create high value-added products

Since our founding, Asahi Intecc has manufactured and marketed a variety of industrial materials used by customers across a wide range of industries, including office automation equipment, housing, and automobiles.
We have produced a large number of core products that include the synchromesh rope used in air-conditioners and other home appliances. We pursue the precision required of products used in the medical device field and apply this to the development and manufacture of products for the industrial equipment field.
This cycle of technologies that transcend any one field boosts the technological capabilities of the entire Asahi Intecc group and drives continued advancement.

Industrial partsMain Materials Handled

  • Bare wire

    Utilizing our wire drawing technology, we supply ultrafine stainless-steel wire from 0.013mm to 0.66mm in diameter.

  • Wire rope

    Made with ultrafine wire that has undergone a wire drawing process, this wire rope has excellent tensile strength and elongation resistance.

  • Terminal processing

    We provide terminal processing for a range of rope terminals, including ring, loop, ball, and screw terminals.

  • Synchronous round belt (synchromesh rope)

    With the design of our synchronous round belt, a single rope can be drawn three-dimensionally, providing for linear motion and a reciprocating torque drive force. Effectively replaces the belt drive and rack and pinion for limited space applications.

  • Flexible shaft (drive cable)

    Our flexible shaft drive cable supports high torque operations even at bends and can be rotated in both directions. Especially outstanding for high torque applications.

Main Industrial Products

  • Office Automation Equipment

    Copier drive wire

  • Home Appliances

    Vacuum cleaner drive wire for self-cleaning air conditioners

  • Sports

    Wires for dial-type golf shoes

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