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One-and-only technologies and number-one products founded on safety and reliability

As a medical device manufacturer, Asahi Intecc’s core business focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical devices.
In the fields of medical devices and industrial equipment, we are committed to helping resolve on-stie issues and contributing broadly to the world by delivering one-and-only technologies and number-one products founded on safety and reliability.

Main Businesses and Products

Main Businesses

Our mainstay is our lineup of wire products used in the medical device and industrial equipment fields. Chief among these are the guidewires and other medical devices essential to catheterization that we develop, manufacture, and market.
Although Asahi Intecc was initially founded with a focus on industrial equipment, our business now centers on medical devices, utilizing the advanced ultrafine stainless steel wire rope technology that we have developed since our founding.

Product Overview

Products used for catheterization can be as thin as 0.35 mm in diameter. With our outstanding development and manufacturing technologies, we hold a large share of the medical device market not only in Japan, but also worldwide.
By maintaining our work in both the medical device and industrial equipment fields, we are able to establish an integrated production system that spans the entire process from materials to finished product, and as an R&D-oriented manufacturer, we continue to produce high value-added products.

What is PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) treatment?

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is a procedure for treating angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.
A small tube called a catheter is inserted at the base of the wrist or foot to widen narrowed blood vessels. This has become a mainstream treatment for coronary artery disease as it can be performed without opening the chest and is therefore less painful (minimally invasive) and less costly for the patient, shortening hospital stays and enabling patients to more quickly return to their daily lives.

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