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Achieving successful procedure with its stable and reliable performance

Flexible wire tip

Flexible wire tip minimizes vessel damage and promotes ease of use.

Tip load test

Excellent pushability

Greater shaft stiffness for better support and pushability during guide wire insertion.

Shaft stiffness test

Clear radiopacity

Clear visibility of guide wire under fluoroscopy for ease of manipulation.

Radiopacity test

Structure & ordering information

Hydrophilic coating on surface of guide wire

Catalog No. O.D. Tip shape Length
US0035B1500 0.035 inches Straight-tip 150 cm
US0035B2600 260 cm
UA0035B0500 0.035 inches Angle-tip 50 cm
UA0035B0800 80 cm
UA0035B1500 150 cm
UA0035B1800 180 cm
UA0035B2000 200 cm
UA0035B2200 220 cm
UA0035B2600 260 cm
UA0035B3000 300 cm
UJ1535B1500 0.035 inches 1.5J-tip 150 cm
UJ1535B1800 180 cm
UJ1535B2000 200 cm
UJ1535B2200 220 cm
UJ1535B2600 260 cm
UJ1535B3000 300 cm
UJ3035B1500 0.035 inches 3J-tip 150 cm
UJ3035B2000 200 cm
UJ3035B2600 260 cm
UJ3035B3000 300 cm
UJ6035B1500 0.035 inches 6J-tip 150 cm
UJ6035B2000 200 cm
UJ6035B2600 260 cm
UJ6035B3000 300 cm