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Asahi Intecc's source of competitiveness: 4 core technologies

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Asahi Intecc is equipped with sophisticated and highly original material processing technologies, principally the 4 core technologies. Among these, the torque technology is the most important. The performance of catheter products are directly linked to the success or failure of surgery. It is Asahi Intecc’s unique torque technology that makes it possible to develop wires that can express the delicate senses of doctors’ hands to the tips. In addition to these technologies, the establishment of an integrated production system handling materials down to the finished products makes possible the development and production of products with the company’s own materials and functions. This is a strength unique to Asahi Intecc that works in the industrial device field in addition to the medical device field and is a significant factor in differentiation with competitors in the medical device field in terms of cost and technology.

Source of competitiveness: 4 core technologies