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PTCA (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty) is the main method of treatment of coronary stenosis. It is a method where a balloon catheter is inserted in the coronary artery and the narrowed area is opened by inflating a balloon. In recent years such is referred to as PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention), including treatment methods and stenosis removal using stents.

3 treasures indispensable for PTCA treatment

1: PTCA guide wires
PTCA guide wires are the guides necessary to carry PTCA balloon catheters, stents and other medical devices that pass through blood vessels that have become clogged or narrowed for catheter treatment.
2: PTCA guiding catheters
 PTCA guiding catheters are tubes that are placed in the area from the puncture site to the coronary artery. It plays an important role of safely carrying PTCA guide wires, PTCA balloon catheters and other medical devices to the entrance of the coronary artery.
3: PTCA balloon catheters
PTCA balloon catheters are catheters for spreading open blood vessels that have become clogged or narrowed. They are inserted along PTCA guide wires and it has the function of opening blood vessels from the inside by inflating the balloon on the tip with a diameter of 1mm to 5mm.