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ASAHI Peripheral Guide Wire

Wire selection chart


  • ASAHI Gladius MG14 PV   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Workhorse & Complex Lesion
  • ASAHI Gladius MG14 PV ES   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Workhorse & Complex Lesion
  • ASAHI Gladius   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Workhorse
  • ASAHI Halberd   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Complex Lesion
  • Regalia XS 1.0   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Sub-total/Tortuous
  • Astato XS 20   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Highly Calcified Lesion
  • Astato XS 40   0.36mm(0.014inch)   Highly Calcified Lesion
  • EXTENSION PV   0.36mm(0.014inch)


  • ASAHI Gladius MG18 PV ES   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Workhorse & Complex Lesion
  • ASAHI Gladius   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Workhorse
  • ASAHI Halberd   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Complex Lesion
  • Treasure Floppy   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Workhorse
  • ASAHI Gaia PV   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Complex Lesion
  • Treasure 12   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Complex Lesion
  • Astato XS 30   0.45mm(0.018inch)   Highly Calcified Lesion

Ordering information


Product Diameter Catalog No. Length Tip shape ACT ONE
ASAHI Gladius MG14 PV 0.36mm
PP14R003S 190cm Straight ACT ONE
PP14R203S 235cm
PP14R303S 300cm
PP14R003P 190cm Pre-shaped
PP14R203P 235cm
PP14R303P 300cm
ASAHI Gladius MG14 PV ES 0.36mm
PP14R004S 190cm Straight
PP14R204S 235cm
PP14R304S 300cm
PP14R004P 190cm Pre-shaped
PP14R204P 235cm
PP14R304P 300cm
ASAHI Gladius 0.36mm
PPW14R100S 200cm Straight ACT ONE
PPW14R200S 235cm
PPW14R300S 300cm
PPW14R100P 200cm Pre-shaped
PPW14R200P 235cm
PPW14R300P 300cm
ASAHI Halberd 0.36mm
PHW14R101S 200cm Straight ACT ONE
PHW14R201S 235cm
PHW14R301S 300cm
PHW14R101P 200cm Pre-shaped
PHW14R201P 235cm
PHW14R301P 300cm
Regalia XS 1.0 0.36mm
PAGP140000 180cm Straight  
PAGP140300 300cm
Astato XS 20 0.36mm
PAGH143092 180cm
PAGH143392 300cm
Astato XS 40 0.36mm
PAGHW143094 200cm
PAGHW143394 300cm


Product Diameter Catalog No. Length Tip shape ACT ONE
ASAHI Gladius MG18 PV ES 0.46mm
PP18R004S 190cm Straight ACT ONE
PP18R204S 235cm
PP18R304S 300cm
PP18R004P 190cm Pre-shaped
PP18R204P 235cm
PP18R304P 300cm
ASAHI Gladius 0.45mm
PPW18R100S 200cm Straight ACT ONE
PPW18R200S 235cm
PPW18R300S 300cm
ASAHI Halberd 0.45mm
PHW18R101S 200cm Straight ACT ONE
PHW18R201S 235cm
PHW18R301S 300cm
PHW18R101P 200cm Pre-shaped
PHW18R201P 235cm
PHW18R301P 300cm
ASAHI Gaia PV 0.45mm
PHW18R102S 200cm Straight ACT ONE
PHW18R202S 235cm
PHW18R302S 300cm
PHW18R102P 200cm Pre-shaped
PHW18R202P 235cm
PHW18R302P 300cm
Astato 30 0.45mm
PAGH18M071 180cm Straight  
PAGH18M371 300cm
Treasure Floppy 0.45mm
PAGH18M072 190cm
PAGH18M372 300cm
Treasure 12 0.45mm
PAGH18M070 180cm
PAGH18M370 300cm

Indications for use
This Product is intended to facilitate the placement and exchange of diagnostic and therapeutic devices during intravascular procedures.
This device is intended for peripheral vascular use only.

Not all shapes and sizes are available in all markets. Please check availability with your sales representative.
Coated with SLIP-COAT®coating.

“ASAHI”, “Astato”, “ASAHI Gaia”, “ASAHI Gladius” and “Treasure” are trademarks or registered trademarks of ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. in Japan and other countries.