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SheathLess Eaucath

Sheathless Eaucath represents a new concept in guide catheters. Perform a full range of procedures - from the simplest to the most complex - via the radial approach, without sacrificing function or lumen size.


Substantial Outer Layer & Large Inner Lumen
Enhanced kink resistance and backup support with a large inner lumen for easy device delivery.
Hydrophilic Coating
Enhanced catheter trackability even in tortuous vessels, and reduced incidence of spasm.
ASAHI Braiding
Two different braiding patterns provide optimal torque and flexibility, while helping to maintain the lumen.


Smaller punctures for larger catheters - good for the patient, good for the physician.

Ordering information

Product Catalog No. 6.5Fr Catalog No. 7.5Fr Catalog No. 8.5Fr Shape code Usable length
Judkins Left G6JL35-0-L100 G7JL35-0-L100 G8JL35-0-L100 JL3.5 100cm
G6JL40-0-L100 G7JL40-0-L100 G8JL40-0-L100 JL4.0 100cm
G6JL45-0-L100 G7JL45-0-L100   JL4.5 100cm
G6JL50-0-L100 G7JL50-0-L100   JL5.0 100cm
Judkins Left (Short Tip Type) G6JL35-0-L100S G7JL35-0-L100S G8JL35-0-L100S JL3.5 ST 100cm
G6JL40-0-L100S G7JL40-0-L100S G8JL40-0-L100S JL4.0 ST 100cm
G6JL45-0-L100S G7JL45-0-L100S   JL4.5 ST 100cm
G6JL50-0-L100S G7JL50-0-L100S   JL5.0 ST 100cm
Judkins Right G6JR35-0-L100 G7JR35-0-L100 G8JR35-0-L100 JR3.5 100cm
G6JR40-0-L100 G7JR40-0-L100 G8JR40-0-L100 JR4.0 100cm
G6JR45-0-L100 G7JR45-0-L100   JR4.5 100cm
G6JR50-0-L100 G7JR50-0-L100   JR5.0 100cm
Judkins Right (Short Tip Type) G6JR35-0-L100S G7JR35-0-L100S G8JR35-0-L100S JR3.5 ST 100cm
G6JR40-0-L100S G7JR40-0-L100S G8JR40-0-L100S JR4.0 ST 100cm
G6JR45-0-L100S G7JR45-0-L100S   JR4.5 ST 100cm
G6JR50-0-L100S G7JR50-0-L100S   JR5.0 ST 100cm
Amplatz Left G6AL07-0-L100 G7AL07-0-L100   AL0.75 100cm
G6AL10-0-L100 G7AL10-0-L100 G8AL10-0-L100 AL1.0 100cm
G6AL15-0-L100 G7AL15-0-L100   AL1.5 100cm
G6AL20-0-L100 G7AL20-0-L100   AL2.0 100cm
Amplatz Left (Short Tip Type) G6AL07-0-L100S G7AL07-0-L100S   AL0.75 ST 100cm
G6AL10-0-L100S G7AL10-0-L100S   AL1.0 ST 100cm
G6AL15-0-L100S G7AL15-0-L100S   AL1.5 ST 100cm
G6AL20-0-L100S G7AL20-0-L100S   AL2.0 ST 100cm
Special Curve G6SC35-0-L100 G7SC35-0-L100   SC3.5 100cm
G6SC40-0-L100 G7SC40-0-L100   SC4.0 100cm
Hockey Stick G6HS00-0-L100 G7HS00-0-L100   HS 100cm
Power Backup G6PB30-0-L100 G7PB30-0-L100   PB3.0 100cm
G6PB35-0-L100 G7PB35-0-L100   PB3.5 100cm
G6PB40-0-L100 G7PB40-0-L100   PB4.0 100cm
Super Power Backup G6SP30-0-L100 G7SP30-0-L100   SP3.0 100cm
G6SP35-0-L100 G7SP35-0-L100 G8SP35-0-L100 SP3.5 100cm
G6SP40-0-L100 G7SP40-0-L100 G8SP40-0-L100 SP4.0 100cm
Multipurpose G6MP10-0-L100 G7MP10-0-L100 G8MP10-0-L100 MP1.0 100cm
G6MP20-0-L100 G7MP20-0-L100 G8MP20-0-L100 MP2.0 100cm

Not all shapes and sizes are available in all markets. Please check availability with your sales representative.

SheathLess Eaucath is a trademark or registered trademark of ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. in Japan and other countries.